About Us

I started Diamond J Custom Scents LLC a year before I sold my first pack of wax, I set out to have something different.

Everyone knows Diva or Angel, Orleans # 9 and High Maintenance. Truth is, all of these are the same scent, just have a different name. I wanted my own scent. So…. I researched, researched some more, purchased numerous (that’s an understatement) samples and got to testing.

My scents have up to 3 different oils to get Friday Night Lights, Nantucket, Rice Harvest, etc. You won’t find them in a Tyler Candle, in an Orleans tea light or a Yankee car diffuser. I didn’t just pick 5 scents from a company and mix them with wax and pour.

So much time and research was done to give each one a unique scent and name. I have a select few “scent police” that have different “noses”, if they don’t pass ALL of these testers as “wonderful”, it doesn’t make the cut.
I want you to have a great product. I’m not a representative of another company. I represent myself!

Thank you guys for supporting local & putting my name out there! Y’all don’t realize how much this means to me

After months of research, trial & error along with finding the perfect wax/scents to go along with them, I am excited to share my passion of “Making things Smell Good” with you.

Here you will find my own custom blends from Seasonal to Everyday use. These melts are mixed (custom blended) and poured by ME with 100% Pure Soy Wax.